Sunday, September 28, 2008

Crazy Random Happenstances

Weird things happen to me all the time. I predict songs on the radio, dream random things that end up happening and occasionally find myself on the same frequency as another person. I'm pretty sure this happens to everyone at some level, some people more frequently and some more intensely, but I think we all have had some experience that made us go "Whoa, that was weird." I think I'm past the days of believing in signs and miracles (very rarely have I found any relevance or pattern to these occurrences) but I'm not sure I believe in coincidence either. I've been pondering lately why and how these things happen and can't seem to come up with anything satisfying... so I'm opening the question up to anyone who reads this. Does this happen to you? What is your explanation for how and why these things happen? Do you think there is any pattern or significance, maybe not directly evident? Does it matter?

I'm going to give three examples of things that have happened to me this weekend alone, and then encourage any and all input.

1. Alphabet Soup
Friday night I'm laying on my couch, feeling sort of contemplative and melancholy and watching
"Et Dieu créa la femme." I decide to make myself a bowl of vegetable soup, the kind with the little alphabet letters in it. When the movie is over and the soup is all gone, I set the bowl on the floor and start talking to T online. I fall asleep mid conversation and have a dream about said T. I wake up a bit later, close my computer and check my phone. As I go to set my phone down, the light shines on my bowl, revealing a tiny bit of broth with the letters B and T right next to each other in the middle of the bowl. There's nothing else, and they are so perfectly positioned, it looks like someone did it intentionally. I didn't think much of it at the time and went back to sleep, but a part of me couldn't help but think, "Why now, under these circumstances, when I'm feeling like this?"

2. Bradley
I've gotten so used to the connection I have with my son that I don't really notice things like this anymore. On a regular basis I'll be thinking something and he'll draw a picture of it, or he'll be playing and randomly say exact words that run through my head out loud. I can't explain it but there it is. This one happened tonight. I was laying here thinking about Wall-E of all things. More specifically when Eve shuts down and Wall-E stays by her side diligently and lovingly, trying to bring her back or at least make the experience as pleasant for her as he can. It made me think about humans and our ability to love and care for each other; Our pati
ence and resilience and the things that love makes us (or allows us to) do. I've been considering the changing times and if these things are possible anymore, and if they will become less so in the future. At that moment Bradley calls my name from his bedroom where he is supposed to be sleeping. I go in and he says, "Mom, I was thinking about Wall-E. Do you think the future will be like that?" He was probably talking about the way society is portrayed in the movie, but still the irony of the question could not be overlooked.

3. Britt Clardy and Dreams
I was sitting under the stars with Britt Clardy and CACole Saturday night talking about dreams. Britt shared with us a recent dream he had in which there was some odd, apocalyptic destruction of mankind (seen only as occurring in close proximity to him but the assumption was that this was the end of life as the earth knows it and the beginning of something new and unknown). Rather than panicking he watches this unfold with wonder and contemplation. The next thing he knows he's walking through a deserted forest with no idea of where he is but the understanding that he is headed toward the right destination. Eventually he comes across a shack and, understanding that this is his destination, goes toward it. People that he doesn't know begin to call his name, he goes toward them and is invited to play a sport with them. The dream ends with him thinking over the occurrences of his day and feelings completely and totally bewildered, but with a sense that he is okay.
"You're joking me," I say to Britt Clardy. "I told you my dream and you're messing with me." Britt assures me this is not true and I have to agree because I only shared the dream I had (on the same day) with one person and it wasn't Britt. Mine also involved an incredibly odd destruction of mankind, seen in the same way and taken with the same curious but calm attitude. Later I am walking down a dusty trail through empty fields with no idea of where I am but looking for the place I'm supposed to be. I come across a broken down country cottage where there are people waiting to greet me. They know me but I don't know them. An older woman welcomes me in and a guy my age invites me to play video games with him. I am completely confused, trying to figure out what has happened but feel comforted by the familiarity offered by these people. CACole looks at me, then Britt, then me (and repeats) with his mouth gaping open.


  1. How awful that I don't have something insightful to say, I know. But really I'm tired of figuring out why some things happen. Besides, there is no right answer. Just that well, shit happens. Love ya.

  2. i agree. i don't think there's much explanation... except maybe a psychological one that i didn't take enough school to understand. i would love to hear if someone would like to take a stab at it though. i almost used you as an example, because how often do we do weird things like call each other at the same time or read each others minds?