Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Q & A (minus Q)

I've compiled (and anticipated) some FAQ's... just to clear things up.

A: Yeah, about 15 lbs. There's nothing to congratulate. I threw up every morning for a week, spent two months doing nothing (and when I say nothing, I mean nuh. thing.) but working and sleeping and then the next two months doing nothing but sleeping and attempting more sleep. That brings me up to mid-June when I was reintroduced to food by way of a slice of birthday cake. The appetite comes and goes these days but I think I've lost an overall interest in food. Also, I'm still out of shape, my jeans don't fit and now I have even less in the way of boobs than I did before.

A: I went with Blogspot over Wordpress because I like the little B icon in the corner. B for Brittan.

A: I'm not being lazy or led astray, ungrateful or apostate. I don't really feel the need to discuss it further. I've worked it out with myself and opened up to the people who matter most to me. I am anything but apathetic and I'm genuinely calm now.

A: I work for the Dallas Observer. I'm the Editorial Assistant. I figure I can look at it as one of two things: a.) the result of a really bad decision made back in June or b.) the waiting period before the result of a really good decision made back in June. Either way, I won't be here for long. The festival world is calling my name... and then telling me to wait on the budget... and then calling my name again. It's only a matter of time. The perk: I get to write. Nothing of substance but it's the funnest part of my week.

A: Bradley is great. I can say that honestly now because, thankfully, we've met again after those months of crysleepcryfilmfestivalcrysleepsleepsleep. He's in first grade and is by far the smartest kid in his class (it's true), is learning to play piano and has found a shy kid refuge in skateboarding. Also, I'm not allowed to address hi
m as he's getting out of the car at school now because it's embarrassing.

A: I don't drink. (Why do people still ask me this?) It's not religious, it's not dietary, it's me. I'll happily sip a club soda with lime while you have your vodka. It's really not a big deal.

A: Because of love.

Feel free to ask more if you have them. I always answer honestly.

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  1. one of us should do a fantasy post about what the world might be like for all of us in 10 years. just sayin' if i had the time, id totally do it.