Wednesday, October 1, 2008

A movie, a memory and more writing

I watched A Mighty Heart last night (thank you, Netflix) and was pleasantly surprised. In case you're unfamiliar, it tells the story of Daniel Pearl, the Wall Street Journal reporter who was kidnapped and beheaded on camera in Pakistan in 2002. The film was everything it should have been and nothing more. It was journalistic, accurate and didn't try too hard. It didn't attempt to be a thriller or even to entertain, but was still gripping. It told a story for the sole purpose of letting the truth be known. It was everything that a story by journalists, about journalists should have been. Very respectable, if you ask me. Also, it's no secret that I love Angelina Jolie but I wasn't sure if she had the chops to play Pearl's wife, who is biracial, French and an incredibly powerful, intelligent journalist. Thankfully, she did the part justice and then some. The accent and portrayal (from what I've seen of watching Mariane Pearl on C-SPAN quite a bit and reading her book) were spot-on. The supporting cast and direction were outstanding as well. Only one minor casting decision kept me grounded in reality in those moments when I was (literally) losing touch with the fact that this was a narrative and these were actors. I have to also mention the beautiful shots of India, Pakistan and France. Wow.

Speaking of writing... here's more of mine. Only one update that I'm almost ashamed to put up after just talking about some of the most respectable journalists in the world... but oh well! Fight Club midnight movie... terrorism... close enough.

Speaking of being ashamed... I found pictures from high school cheer camp. They are ridiculous so I'm just going to put up one that pretty much sums it all up.
There we are. MacArthur HS Varsity at UCA camp on the UNT campus. We spent a week there working out, being dumb and staying in dorms. Be glad I didn't share those pictures.

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