Thursday, October 30, 2008

watching the clock... almost 5:30.

Today I ate a Halloween cupcake and it turned my teeth black. I really wanted to take a picture of it and amuse someone.

I watched La Dolce Vita for the second time and appreciated it more (I think because I didn't have to focus on the dialogue as much) but I still like 8 1/2 better and I still get sleepy near the end.

Little Big Planet is wonderful.

I don't miss my apartment one bit... which is odd.

Today this guy came up to my desk and tried to make conversation. It went something like this:

Dude: (pointing at Bradley picture) How's your son?
Me: Good.
Dude: (smirking) How old is he?
Me: 6.
Dude: (laughing) So you had him when you were, what, 16?
Me: Yep.
Dude: (pointing again at Bradley picture) So, he's your brother?
Me: (confused) No.... he's my son.
Dude: Wait. That's actually your son?
Me: YES.
Dude: And you really had him when you were 16?
Me: YES.
Dude: ... (walks off)

Observer updates here.


  1. what an idiot!##@#)*@()*$ Im pissed at random miscellaneous dude that walks up and thinks he can ask about Bradley. If your brain isnt working, your mouth shouldnt be either. This woman is a GOOD MOTHER. So random best be done speaking unless you want a swift halloween surprise. mmmm hmmm.

  2. LOL! Really because he obviously is so S..L..O..W...I almost feel sorry for him. Except I don't! You're awesome and not ghetto enough because I would have kicked his huevos. Love you.

  3. Dude apologized to me today. He was really embarrassed. I love both of your comments... Em, there are some things about you that will never change and those are the things I love most about you! I can picture you saying that and it makes me want to hug you!