Sunday, November 2, 2008

Halloween: Dunham style

Let me start off by saying I did not approve of this costume. I hate cheap costumes with cheap masks and would have preferred (since he absolutely HAD to be something Star Wars related again) to at least attempt making a Clone Trooper costume... but Grandma bought him this one without me and he loved it. Bleh. Ugly costume aside, he was stoked to get to go trick or treating with the neighborhood kids.

He also insisted on carrying that bag they gave him at school rather than his pumpkin. Whatev.

He LOVED those pumpkins. They looked really awesome and sparkly but my camera doesn't do anything justice, so you can't really tell.

Treat overload... the Empire is defeated!

Finally, I had to share this... A picture of Bradley ringing Gma's doorbell as his last trick or treating stop on Halloween 2003 and then again on Halloween 2008. *Insert mommy tears here*

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  1. HOLY CRAP! He is so big! And gorgeous. And so very COOL. He just looks like such an awesome little big guy...did that make any sense? Anyway, I miss you both so much. It's as if every day I miss you more instead of just getting used to having you so far far away. One day you will be close. I'll just keep telling myself that and maybe we'll make it happen before we're eighty...with cats sitting on our laps...and crazy old lady pictures hanging on the walls of our beach front home. Did I tell you by the way that that's where I want to live with you? By the beach. Or not. Just holla punk, this thug will be here always.

    P.S. please excuse the EXTRA long post.