Monday, November 3, 2008

I have promises to keep

I went into the woods with my friends this weekend and it was wonderful. We laughed and danced and sang and played red rover. We explored caves and climbed trees. I saw stars like I've never seen before and felt butterflies as I wished on one that shot across the sky. I sat there by the fire watching my best friends sing Voxtrot and was smitten. I love these people but best of all... I love me. I feel like I've found that girl again and I'm so happy to have people in my life who allow me to be myself and love me for who I am.

On the drive home I had a lot of time to think
about my life and how full it is. I have friends who keep me free and remind me who Brittan is. I have a family that supports me even though they don't understand me. I have had amazing adventures and have loved another person deeply and selflessly, in ways I never thought possible. I have a Bonnie on the other side of the country who is my sister and soulmate, and I have a little boy who is my life and breath and heart and bones and every part of me. He brightens every day and reminds me that I have to keep going when my heart is broken and my days are long. I'm smart and honest and full of life. I love with all my heart and am fiercely loyal. And right now I have a whole world in front of me, waiting to be conquered.


  1. Is it crazy that I almost cried reading that! I love you. You make my life better. You make me feel loved. I can only hope that I make you feel the same. Love you, my sista!

  2. brittan, you are amazing.

    that brought a little tear to my eye as I thought how happy I am to see you in such a good mood/with such a good outlook on life.