Wednesday, November 5, 2008

This is big....

If you've come in contact with me at some point in the last eleven years, you probably know of my unhealthy obsession with Baz Luhrmann. If not, take note... this is a key element to understanding Brittan.

So I've been trying to avoid any and all information about Australia (Luhrmann's latest film, a departure from his "red curtain trilogy" that began my infatuation, come on people, keep up) so as to go into the theatre with no expectations, prior knowledge, etc. This is how I operate, don't ask questions.

However, I was coerced (tricked even!) into looking at a few stills and now I can barely contain myself! I wasn't sure how he would make the move into an epic period piece but I am happy to say that by the looks of things Australia will be 100% Baz in all his beautiful, theatrical glory.

It opens November 26th so I'm taking reservations now but seating is limited. If you'd like to accompany me on this historic trip to the movies, please tell me why you would be a good companion and I will consider you for one of the prime seats, either to my left or my right. Popcorn included.

See the stills for yourself here.

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