Wednesday, April 29, 2009

I need a Nothing Bundt Cake right now.

Thanks a whole heap, Katie Harmon.

My weird, wonderful, amazing son

If you've never met Bradley this might sound like just another mom talking about how great her kid is but those of you that know him get what I'm saying. He is brilliant and definitely lives up to the 2nd-4th letters in his name. Lately he's been writing Star Wars stories in an attempt to start his own comic book saga and offshoot television series. The following is an excerpt from his latest 17 page story and a video in which he hates me for making him retell his utterly brilliant theory about Star Wars being real. Just because I get a kick out of it.

"The sand dude shot a hole the size of a fist in his stumek. He flew back and hit the wall and that was the end of anikin skywalker."
(sorry I gave away the ending...)

Monday, April 27, 2009

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Friday, April 17, 2009

i found this, dusted it off and it gave a little twinkle. so here it is.

In his smart tie and her favorite boots they slide into the night
Mysterious and clever, wanting nothing but a booth and a seamless line or two
And then – beneath the stagnant sea of stars – to dance like rulers for a night
With golden crowns they decree, “Tribeca will be ours!”
Until nothing but heat can quench burning tongue and taxis can’t move fast enough
In dark and unfamiliar places the blackness of her dress is understated
The rapid deafening beat of the city’s drum at once comes to a halt
-- all movement stops --
Time, space, reason all on pause
Coffee warms the snowy morning
And conversation melts the icy paths of Central Park
Twenty gloved fingers clasped together forgetting the cold, forgetting their owner
And then a summer breeze blows decaying leaves and fairy dust
Spinning lovers until all else is nothing but a passing blur
At dusk he reaches in, a single kiss she will never forget…
Then suddenly he disappears to darkened alleyways
She sits up straight to find herself alone, descending over familiar terrain
For months she hopes the kaleidoscope of city lights and soundtrack of the underground
Were more than fancy and cruel trick played by the rhythmic night
Broken words and second best cannot deter her from the memory of warmth… delight
She only hears the off-key singing and wonders of some place beyond the sea-blue eyes
Where a bitter winter heart knew summer and felt – at long last – peace
Then bounding through the door finds nothing but a mirror with the distorted reflection of what she cannot be
“Ah, yes,” she says beneath her breath, “the city was a dream.”


I need to learn better sneak tactics

Ever since I lost the video of 3-year-old Bradley strumming and singing Folsom Prison Blues in the great PC crash of 2006, I have been trying to get a proper replacement video. The problem is, these things don't just happen. I have to not only happen upon one of these moments (he's started going outside to play so I wont hear him) but I have to sneak up on him and try and disguise my baby HD because, as you'll see below, B hates the camera.

Bradley hates the baby HD from Brittan on Vimeo.

Suggestions welcome.

More on Kentucky, meeting family and feeling at home

I can't describe what an cool experience it is going somewhere completely foreign, being around people you've never met before and feeling completely at home. This is my family. They're my family just the same as if I'd known them all my life. I have all the parents and grandparents I was supposed to have. I feel complete. I love my sisters.

I went without any expectations or needs and had a great time. I left loving Kentucky and feeling uplifted and refreshed. I'm so calm now. For the first time everything is at ease. I'm content.

Between bikes, tanks, birthdays, Easter, animals and cousins, this kid was in HEAVEN.

I loved the beautiful countryside, the history lessons at every turn, the monastery with bourbon-making monks, Elizabethtown, Hodgenville, everything.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Meeting Dad part 1

I got back from Kentucky a few hours ago after meeting my dad and family for the first time. It was an amazing experience and I'm still sort of high from it. I'm super sleepy but am going to quickly unload my iPhone and blurt out some random stuff.

This is Kentucky. It's really pretty.
This is the cemetery in Elizabethtown. It was absolutely beautiful. Many of the headstones dated back to the Civil War. The hill just beyond that tree is where they set up the canons during the war.
And this is town square, where those canonballs hit...

Bradley got a new Webkin and named it Ashes. I still don't get why these things are so awesome and yet I buy them every time I have an extra $14.99.
He loved... I mean LOVED Grandpa. It's not very hard to see why.
More soon.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Oooh! Fight!

Silly string fight claimed many victims, self included. Needless to
say, Bradley is enjoying his newfound cousins.

I needed to get out tonight.

I spent some much needed time with Wendy, my oldest friend and the only person in the world who will ever understand me in that context. Full disclosure: we saw Hannah Montana. You wouldn't understand.

Wallace and I then saw Aliens at the Inwood... possibly the strangest double feature of all time and an odd metaphor for how I'm feeling right now. Also awesome.

It feels like some of whatever is going on in my heart right now was absorbed. I rarely use this term but it works tonight... I feel so incredibly blessed.

In the words of my comedic soul mate:

"Brittan Claire Dunham is meeting her dad for lunch tomorrow. For the first time in 23 years."

Monday, April 6, 2009

au soleil, sous la pluie, à midi ou à minuit

Sunday was just lovely. Bradley and I went to the new farmers market in the Bishop Arts district of Oak Cliff and it was awesome! Everything is locally grown and sold by people in the community. We tasted cupcakes and chocolate made from beets, smelled fresh herbs and Bradley fell in love with some fancy cheese (none for me, thanks). We bought some fresh salsa and zip code honey (yummy and great for my allergies) made by these little guys...
Can you find the Queen? We did! Then we met Henrietta. Poor Henrietta.
Bradley admired the harmonica player and I danced and humiliated him.
Then we met up with Kerie and took her to my favorite restaurant in the whole world, Spiral Diner, for lunch. Bradley had 5 - FIVE - pancakes and some organic watermelon cream soda.
I majorly lucked out because my two very favorite items in the Spiral Diner rotation of vegan awesomeness were BOTH on the menu yesterday. I had the po boy (made with zucchini) AND blueberry pie. It was absolutely heavenly. Kerie was a wimp and just got hummus.
After that we saw Monsters vs Aliens with Wendy. It was, you know, cute. (In the film's defense, after Meet the Robinsons and Wall-E most kids movies don't do much more than make me yawn.) I will say I was pretty amazed that even when playing an animated blob Seth Rogan still manages to be basically the same character and we still can't help but love him.

Last night I had a Can't Hardly Wait (92% yo!) fest with my awesome friends and today one of said awesome friends spent the whole day sitting next to me in a cafe helping me finalize my screenplay!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009


See that empty space next to the blue bike? That's where Bradley's bike was parked before someone stole it.

As I sat there waiting for Adrian to pick us up in his truck (I couldn't exactly pedal Bradley another mile back home on my handlebars) I grew more and more angry. There I was watching my little boy cry, just like I had done not long ago, because some selfish person saw an easy target and went for it. I hugged him and knew exactly how he felt.

But this time they weren't getting away with it. I had Adrian drive all around the neighborhood for probably half an hour until there I saw him--in the parking lot of an apartment complex--a kid from the middle school down the street riding around on my son's bike. I yelled at Adrian to pull over, jumped out of the car, chased him down and took back what didn't belong to him. I told him and his little friends, among other things, that they should thank me. When I got back in the truck Bradley's eyes were huge and his heart was pounding (he made me feel it). "Mom, you scared me!" He had never heard me yell at someone like that or say some of the choice words I said.

I guess it was part primal maternal instinct and part anger with the world. How do people who take advantage of others like that live with themselves? Who said it was okay for you to take what's not yours, make another person cry or act without taking into consideration that you are affecting other human beings with lives, thoughts, needs and feelings? I'm angry today. I see it more and more around me the older I get. People who hurt others, who take advantage of kindness, who exploit a good heart.

Who can you trust?