Tuesday, June 9, 2009

10 days from now...

I will be turning 24.

I remember pulling into the parking garage at SMU a few years ago, about to go to class, when my dear friend Gregg called me in distress. He was so upset because he had just turned 24 and felt OLD for the first time. Oh well, at least I can take comfort in the fact that I will always be younger than him!

I've never made a big deal about my birthday because my family doesn't tend to. Last year I didn't even acknowledge it, much less celebrate. But this year I really feel like I have reason to celebrate life and I plan to. With that in mind, here is my "what I want for my birthday" list. I don't think I've done one of these since elementary school.

1. Chocolate coconut cupcakes.

(I totally stole this idea from one of my favorite blogs but seriously, how amazing do these look? And they go with my recent coconut craze!)

2. Karaoke with all of my friends in Austin.

(The above picture is my way of saying that I'd like it to include a "Come on Eileen" dance.)

3. Schlitterbahn.

4. A usb record player.

(Like this.)

5. A job. (Man, I wish it were that easy.)

For those of you that I know will ask.. I really don't want any presents for my birthday. I don't have any place to put them in my current situation anyway! I just want to be with the people I love, having fun and maybe eating a cupcake. Or two.


  1. What kind of Polaroid Camera!!!???
    Please, help a girl out.

  2. i will help you with 2 and 3. =)

  3. mmmm cupcakes and come on eileen! two of the greatest things ever!