Thursday, June 4, 2009

It's June already???

It's hot and muggy, there are random lightening storms every other night and I am rotating between Zyrtec and the neti pot. Yep... It's Summer in Texas!

So what, you ask, have we been doing with ourselves and why has the blog been so slow? Well, mostly because we haven't been doing a whole lot. I've been on a "baking with coconut" kick which is weird because, while I truly heart coconut, I've never been much of a baker. Yesterday I made coconut chocolate chip cookies. They're not as awesome as the ones at Pokey-o's that Taso and I are addicted to (think they'd be willing to hand over the recipe?) but they're darn good. If you're into that sort of thing and you live close by, let me know... there are LOTS of extras.

We've also been ringing in the warm weather at our favorite sno cone place, Bahama Bucks. I consider myself a sno cone aficionado and this is THE BEST sno cone. (Toasted Coconut is my go-to flavor but I just discovered Passion Fruit and it changed my life. I do not recommend Jungle Berry. Are you taking notes?)

We've been doing the typical movie watching that we always do. I highly recommend Up (but I say skip the 3D) and Star Trek for cineplex-goers. Both are also great choices if you have an IMAX nearby. If you have a theatre that plays more obscure releases, you should check out Goodbye Solo about an old, unhappy American man and the younger, endlessly optimistic Senegal-born cab driver that he crosses paths with. It is a truly beautiful, touching story and I can't think of anyone (especially of my usual readers) who wouldn't both enjoy it and benefit from seeing it.

The other film I'm singing the praises of right now is Every Little Step, which I saw last night. It's a documentary about A Chorus Line, one of the longest-running and most influential Broadway plays of all time. Few if any of you would be as interested in this, so I'll save my long-winded explanation and just tell you that it's really good and it stirred the dancer that has been buried deep in my heart since I hung up my shoes almost 8 years ago.

B and I have spent quite a bit of time at our beloved Duck Pond Park lately. We like to stop at Tom Thumb, pick up a loaf of fresh bread and share it with the ducks and turtles. The babies hatched when the weather wasn't nice enough for us to visit them but they're still little, fuzzy and as hungry as ever. I pulled out the loaf of fluffy French bread and was surrounded by little duckies (and a very attentive mama) in no time. The turtles are B's favorite but they know to wait till these guys are out of the way before they come looking for food.

The last--but certainly not least--exciting, warm weather development is that of my first birthday present! The g'rents and B decided to give it to me early since summer is upon us and B needs a... BIKE RIDING COMPANION!!! Yeah, I'm excited. I love riding bikes so much that I held Wendy's hostage for months but now I have my own! It's just a simple little cruiser, no gears or anything, which is fine with me. I just like getting to places that are nearby without using a car and following B around.

I'm always a little sad to hang up my comfort hoodie but I'm happy to trade it in for sundresses and swimsuits. For as hot as it is, summer in Texas is kind of awesome and I am so beyond excited for this summer.

More on that soon...

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