Sunday, June 21, 2009

June 'teenth in ATX

My 24th birthday was pretty sweet. The only thing that came to fruition from my list was #3 but somehow it turned out even better than I could have hoped. Taso, Britt Clardy and I spent Friday doing some of my favorite Austiny things like visiting Toy Joy (Bonnie, I must take you here. Awesome, random toys + chocolate/peanut butter vegan soft serve), bought and sold clothes at Buffalo Exchange and poured through old rockabilly/jazz/big band records at my favorite record store, Antones.
Taso bought me a sweet record. Yes, I collect them even though I can't play them. It's one of those "if you build it they will come" kind of things.
We also went to Waterloo Records. I've never really given the place much of a chance because I find myself overwhelmed by big, popular places like that but Taso found some sweet out-of-print Criterions and I realized just how insane their selection really is.
I had the best birthday dinner of my LIFE that night from Whole Foods and the dude gave it to me for free because it was my birthday. Score! I love nice people. I spent some time with my beloved friends who I pretty much never get to see anymore, and Taso and I continued our exploration of the Firefly series. Only one episode left, which I'm hoping we'll knock out tonight. If you haven't seen it, you MUST! I'm not a TV watcher but this show is SO good.
Saturday we had breakfast tacos from Curra's at Taso's polite request. (And by polite request I mean that I'm pretty sure these tacos were his sole motivation for taking me to Austin.) Needless to say they were amazing...the vegan chorizo/potato combination was anyway. Number 5 billion on my "why I was meant to live in Austin" list: EVERY RESTAURANT has vegan options. Sigh.

We spent the rest of the day at Schlitterbahn on the house, thanks to our amazing friends Dameon and Natosha!!

Most of the day was spent at the "old" part of Schlitterbahn, the one I went to as a kid. It's full of tube rides that are run by water from the river. The whole park is built into the landscape, so you've got trees growing through rides, moss covering the ground and a lazy river that is actually...a river. Then we went over to the new fancy side of the park and rode the beast that is Master Blaster. The line was brutal but sitting in a two person tube with Taso and being propelled several stories into the air by water was definitely worth it. Floating around the wavepool/lazy river was a perfect ending to the best birthday I've ever had.

After a veggie burger from Fuddruckers and a long drive home, I was tired but so very happy. I couldn't have asked for anything more. Although, if you'd like to get me those chocolate/coconute cupcakes, I won't argue.

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