Thursday, June 25, 2009

My life has been a bit quiet lately.

I am normally surrounded by music at all times. B is constantly playing guitar, piano or harmonica. I have my skull candies on most of the day. I fall asleep with iTunes open. I bought a fancy radio for my dinosaur of a car just so I could hook my iPod up. I teared up when Taso gave me the record player. You get the point. Every memory has a soundtrack, every song a memory or a feeling. Since I was little I've observed life like a movie. I am constantly rewriting the script in my head, framing shots, manipulating situations to make them more beautiful (or finding the beauty in them) and I always ALWAYS hear the score and soundtrack.

Today (like every day) I talked to my best friend, Bonnie, about some movies we were interested in seeing and she brought up the point that she wanted to become more familiar with some of the bands on a particular film's soundtrack. Talking about my favorite films and music with the blank canvas that is my best friend? (She's extremely open minded and artisticly inclined but not as familiar with such things.) These are the moments I live for!

I realized a couple days ago that, for whatever reason, I haven't been soaking up music and film like I normally do. I've been preoccupied and I can tell that my stress level has risen and I'm not enjoying the flow of daily life quite as much. So what better opportunity to reimmerse my senses than this! I've decided to share some of my favorite music (and film because, frankly, I can't resist) with Bonnie right here through my blog, with the hope that all of my readers will be inspired to make their lives a little more cinematic.

When I think about the point of my blog, it was always to share what's going on in our lives with our friends and family who can't be here with us. So why not share two of the things that are most important to all of us who are regulars on this blog (with the exception maybe of Splinter, though she can get into movies too)? I do hope that you will all share some of your favorite things with me as well. I love meeting new people and being exposed to new art, ideas, etc via the world of blogging!

More focused, personal and, of course, musical posts to come!


  1. Perfect, genius, and thanks for sharing. I can't wait to learn more about awesome music.

  2. Sweet! I love you and Cody's love of music and I love it when you pass it on to me!!!