Monday, July 27, 2009

The future of news

Every morning I read and BBC News but I spend most of my day with POLITICO open on my screen. It's the fastest, most direct legitimate news source that I know of, and I've become slightly obsessed with it. As sad as it is to see print news go out of business, I'm right on the cusp of the generations who don't know any better. We want information now so we can process it, form opinions and act. I don't think this is a bad thing. As I sit here I can see the POLITICO tab refreshing itself. When I go back to it I'll know more and be better prepared to face the world. I get down on myself for not being in a position to make a difference, but at least I can be informed, teach my son and speak up in whatever small way I can when I need to. What I love most about POLITICO is its format. It's easy to read, commentary but not sensationalized, real-time, Twitter-esque. It's made for my generation. If the future of news is an effort to get information to the people faster so they can in turn act faster, I'm okay with it. Now back to celebrating what will hopefully be Sarah Palin's disappearance from the spotlight.

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