Monday, July 20, 2009

Happy Monday!

Things that are awesome:

Things that are not awesome:

I got hit by an obscenely large SUV driving way too fast in a rainstorm on 635. If that doesn't just scream Dallas, I don't know what does. I hate this town.

I'm fine, no worries. Just a lot of pain in the upper 1/3 of my body and the old "take painkillers and rest" prescription. My car is okayish. I take it in Wednesday to get it fixed.

I'm irritated but that obviously goes beyond this. I used to be described frequently as "resilient" and now I'm grouchy and convinced that the Universe is out to get me. It's probably about time that I get over myself and the funk of the last year. Maybe when heartbreak is not so fresh and I can turn my head again.


  1. when you are feeling better, we need to have a spa day...for physical and emotional betterment :)

  2. I had a slurpee today. I got a stomach ache, but it was delicious! I'm sorry about your car :(