Sunday, July 19, 2009

I actually used the phrase "bloody hell" in real life yesterday...

Maybe I've gone a little Potter crazy. Wendy and I did dress up for the Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince midnight premiere. What can I say? The 6th book is my favorite and I think the movie might be my favorite as well. It did a great job covering so much backstory, the characters finally loosened up a bit, it had some really funny moments and I was impressed by the cinematography, something I'd never noticed in any previous HP films. There were some really creative shots and when Harry said at the end that he'd never realized just how beautiful Hogwarts is, I had to agree with him. It makes me sad that he has to leave it in the next film.

I'm trying to get Bradley to let me read the books to him so I have an excuse to reread them, but he's not interested. I guess I'm alone in this shameless obsession.

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  1. wow.. you really made me want to this movie. I just started watching them last summer.. and I feel in love with them.