Sunday, July 12, 2009

I'm poor.

No, really.

I finally have some "me" time tonight and all I want in life is to see Moon. The boys are finally asleep, there's a showing 40 minutes from now, I do a quick bank account check (thinking I have just enough padding for a movie) and what do you know? Yeah, it's that bad. I'm literally down to just the necessities right now and, while I like to believe that movies are a necessity in life, the dark, grown up corner of my brain says "um, no."

le sigh.

Big things are going on in Brittanland (more soon, I promise promise) and there is just no way I can risk living even slightly beyond my means. Bright side: the beauty of cinema is that it never, ever dies. A director, an actor, a film becomes immortal the moment the camera starts rolling. So, pay day will come in three days, I will have (barely) enough padding to see a movie and Sam Rockwell, Duncan Jones, et all will still be there.

1 comment:

  1. I'm poor too.

    If I were down there I would go with you to see that. srsly.