Thursday, July 30, 2009

Kayla and Brandon... For the Win!

I'm sold.

Also... THIS was in. sane.
I didn't bother embedding because I'm pretty sure none of you watch these anyway and you probably think I'm a little nuts... but there's a link if you wish to join me!

I danced tonight again. It was incredible.
I promise to update and tell you more about what's going on in my life very soon. Every day I get a little closer but I'm not quite there yet.


  1. After Brandon's solo, I was completely sold on him. It was amazing! He got out there and was so serious, like he was there to freaking win!! Plus, I love that he danced from his heart and didn't do something that was necessarilly popular. He showed what serious dancers really do. Unbelievable!

  2. I know right! He has never once had a bad performance but I wasn't sold on him till that solo. The part right at the beginning where he pulled himself across the floor with his hands... WOW!