Friday, July 24, 2009

So You Used To Be Able To Dance And Now You Can't?

There is something I am DYING to blog about but can't yet, so instead I'm going to blog about my distractions in hope of... further distracting myself. Aw, yeah.

It's really sick how much I love this show. I DVR it every week so that on the weekend I have the ability to A.) skip commercials B.) rewind and rewatch dances (which you better believe I do) and C.) find out who gets eliminated immediately. The amount of happiness that it injects into my brain should be illegal.

My favorite dance of this season was this Mia Michels one by Kayla and Kapono. It reminds me of the way I used to dance. You should watch it. (It takes about 15 seconds to get started. Patience.)

They were maybe not the best, most consistent pair but definitely my favorite and that piece pretty much brought me to tears. Alas, we lost dear 'Pono (the weird ones never make it) and I have reluctantly moved on.

You would think I would love Evan because he's all Broadwayed out and stuff but I hold a grudge because he botched a Fosse number. (See below.)

No, at the moment I can't decide who I'm loving. I'm kinda ready for the ballerina to go honestly. I like my dancers a little dirty. Anyone else watching? Anyone else get up and pretend they can still dance when it's over? Whatchu got?

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