Thursday, July 16, 2009

Sonic Youth at House of Blues Dallas

I have loved Sonic Youth since I was a kid (thanks big cuz Kristy for this and Nirvana) but have somehow never managed to see them in all my 24 years... until last night! It was such an incredible show. Thurston Moore and Kim Gordon are the definition of what it means to be a rockstar. They look like teenagers with shaggy hair covering their eyes and infectious--almost wreckless--energy, but the sound they omit and the style with which they do it is precise, innovative perfection. Steve Shelley is one those drummers (and I've only ever seen a couple like this) that can make all other drumming, legitimate as it might be, look like a little kid beating on pots and pans. For all the feedback, distortion and "noise" they create, what results is beautiful, complicated, intricate masterpieces. I don't know of another band that can do that the way Sonic Youth can, especially none of the younger bands around these days. Not to mention, at 55 years old Kim rocked a teeny tiny silver dress, danced all over the stage and looked hotter than most 20 year olds doing it. For a third of the show I watched in awe, soaking in but barely grasping everything I was seeing and hearing and then they went all out with "Antenna" from their new album, The Eternal, and my face literally peeled off, the remains were struck by lightning and my brain blew out my ears. Okaaaaay, not literally but it felt like it. I did, quite literally, have chills the rest of the night. Enjoy a sampling of some of my favorites and "Walking Blue," one of last night's best. (There were several stand outs from the new album last night but that's the only one I could find.)

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Shout out to my friend Set who kept me hydrated and laughing all night. One of the most stand-up dudes I know.

So there you have it, spot #2 in my trifecta of dream shows is officially crossed off, along with #3 - the Magnetic Fields. Who can guess #1?

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