Saturday, July 25, 2009

Star Wars: Episode Zero

Star Wars: Episode Zero from Brittan on Vimeo.

B and I have spent the weekend finishing up his super sweet movie. I'm so proud of him. He spent months writing this and getting it all ready. I told him he should probably cut it down from the 44 pages he originally wrote, and after many agonizing rewrites this is what he came up with. He did everything from the costuming to directing to editing. I just taught him how to use iMovie and held the camera (and grandma did too when I was at work, as you can tell from some of the shots). Big thanks to the BFF Jaren for all his help in this. B was so proud of his friend's mad acting skills. When we watched playbacks he would grin and say "Jaren is so good!" I, personally, am so proud of how gracefully Jaren handled working with such a picky director. This is probably the most proud B's ever felt. He even asked me to put it on my blog, which he normally hates. His dream in life is that George Lucas will see this and they will get to collaborate (his words). I'm just happy to see him feeling so good about himself.


  1. I had the biggest smile on my face the whole time.

    Good job Bradley!

  2. This was awesome! Wow, Bradley is seriously a genius.

  3. So, I'm a little late. Sue me.

    But, HOT DANG Y'ALL! That was mmmmmazing. And I'm totally jealous of Bradley's hair. Ugh.