Saturday, July 25, 2009


We've had such a nice weekend. I get some big news on Monday (that I still can't share but soon, I promise) so I was afraid this might be the longest weekend of my life. I considered going out, taking a small trip, drugging myself, etc, but my son is just too wonderful lately. It honestly seemed like more fun to spend it with him. And it has been! Aside from finishing his movie, we've played, gone skateboarding, ran errands and chatted. The hours seemed to fly by and at the end of the day I was crashing with him before I could even watch a film or read on my own. (Though I did make some time to watch Je, Tu, Il, Elle, thank you Tisch listserve!)
Last night we watched Coraline, which was beautiful, sleepy and fantastic at dusk, but when B insisted that we start it over again as soon as it ended, it was just too dark outside and suddenly became too scary!
We opted instead to curl up and read Harry Potter. He promised he would read them with me if I bought him DVDs to burn his movie on but swore he wouldn't like them. By the time we got to the part where Hagrid finds Harry in the shack on the rock out at sea and tells him he's a wizard, he was begging to keep going but I was gone. Kids are exhausting.
So anyway, it's been a pretty great weekend over here and tomorrow's the big day! Then next weekend I've got an executive suite at the Anatole in my name (it's nice knowing people who know people) and do plan on having myself some much needed grownup time. Yes, sir.

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