Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Julie & Julia

I am pretty positive I gained 10 lbs tonight through some sort of psychokinetic food porn phenomenon. Oh yes. It wasn't even stuff I would actually eat, and yet I felt myself slowly drifting into a drunken post-Thanksgiving-like stupor right there in my seat. (It doesn't help that I haven't danced since last Thursday and the few people who care that I'm leaving insist on feeding me as much as possible before I do... but we're here to talk about a movie.)

I was pretty sure I had this one's number before I went it. A performance driven chick flick. A lighthearted but rambling character piece. Something nice and ladylike that would suit Wendy and I for a weeknight girl date. But (I bet you saw that coming), I have to say, I was very pleasantly surprised. What a lovely film! It was mostly light and full of gratuitous food shots (props to Amy Adams for some serious duck boning dedication) and ladies drinking cosmos, but it was absolutely honest, nicely paced and modest. Those sound like strange compliments but they are all things that I find to be very endearing in a film. Especially one starring Meryl Streep. The storyline was just as dedicated as the performances were and Julie was well developed, although I wish Amy Adams wasn't quite so lovable all the time.

What really sold me on this film were the dreamy, colorful shots (whether of Versailles or Queens) that made a splatter of wine on a cookbook page look like fine art. From the opening shot of a blue car that reminded me of Melville to the transition from one ladies' duck to the next, I found it a feast for the eyes. And what more could you ask for from Julia Child?

Also, HELLO, best poster art ever!

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