Monday, August 3, 2009


Today C-murd and I had the following textual conversation:

C-murd: say girl send me pic so it show up when you call.

Me:Why? Because Cody likes to shake my thighs and laugh when they jiggle.

Cody and I talk to each other like we're in a lil Wayne video. (See above textersation.)
Cody gives the best back rubs on the planet.
Cody loves Harmony Korine, Ryan Adams and Brand New.
Cody is covered in tattoos and sometimes lets me tattoo him.
Cody and B "get" each other.
Cody has made the drive to Austin with me countless times and listened to me talk non-stop the entire way there.
Cody will talk to me on iChat till 3am while I wear a shower cap and sunglasses and sing 90s R&B songs to him.
Sometimes Cody can REALLY have a good time.
Cody is one of the most unexpectedly hilarious people I have ever met.
I have shared some of the best moments of my life with Cody.
I love you C-murd.

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  1. in a perfect world i'd get a hug from cody every morning and he would tuck me in bed every night.