Saturday, August 1, 2009

this is just half my potential, check my credentials

I never had an example of a working relationship in my life. In fact, my childhood was largely sad and lonely. The eternal optimist that I am, I went into my imagination at a very young age and never came out. This is why I write, why I love movies, why I love dance and where my creativity and passion came from. That said, it's also somewhat hindered my ability to have a normal relationship. Post-undergrad has been a crazy transitional time for me. My friends left, I learned about love and heartbreak, I learned how bad it sucks trying to find a job and get by in the real world while still maintaining some passion for how you spend your days. I was RULL depressed. So here I am, about to embark on a new life and feeling like it's time to stop fighting the changes and let myself be changed. I've learned a lot... most of it too late, but at least I learned it. I'm a resilient girl and still an optimist, so I'm cutting out the negativity that's been getting me down for so long. Maybe not everyone has to look at life the same way. Maybe I don't need to be a realist to find happiness. Maybe it's the little things that make me happy and I don't need to demand more than that. I am happiest when I listen to myself, not other people, and when I maintain at least a little bit of dreamy optimism. I like to be happy. I wish I had been a faster learner and been able to apply some of these lessons earlier on, but I guess I always have had to learn things the hard way. So this is my life. Off I go to see where it takes me. I've got a B to make my days bright and an imagination to escape to when I feel sad and lonely. I've got the city of Woody Allen and Martin Scorsese and the work that's responsible for bringing us the greatest films of all time. I've got two hands and a keyboard, a brain full of ideas and a heart full of love.

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