Sunday, August 2, 2009

We decided to go to Barnes & Noble and do a little research

4 1/2 hours later we left with a plan and the following:
In my defense, I've been avoiding this sale for a long time but it occurred to me that I'm probably not going to have another chance like this for a long time and it ends Monday. I went with the discontinued Ran, the Truffaut blu-ray I've been wanting and one for B. It was so hard to avoid the Varda box and some others. Also, that's my favorite yoga workout that I used to have on VHS. I've been looking for it on DVD for a long time. The map is for my geographically-obsessed child to add to his collection. He says he's "kind of" excited about NYC now, so I think it was a successful day.


  1. Oooo exciting! I can't wait to visit New York!

    And I love B&N, I end up spending way too much money.

  2. You've been on my mind so much lately, Miss Jamie. You better come visit me in New York right away! I miss you a lot a lot a lot.