Tuesday, August 11, 2009

We miss Jaren.

I realize that we are ginormous babies because we just got to have him for two weeks this summer... but we can't help it! We miss him so! We miss Cory and Lainey (who I've nicknamed Waine, just fyi), too, and I miss Katie so much it's not even funny. But I think B takes the cake with his Jaren love. This kid has some serious devotion to his BFF.

When we visited our buddies at their new home in Utah earlier this year, B kept a diary in notepad on my phone. I just remembered it was there and had to share:

Wile at salt lake city Me Cory and Jaren played mario cart on wii! Cory allways won. But I sumtimes beet Jaren.

Wile at salt lake city Me Cory and Jaren were playing football wile my Mom Brittan and katy went shoping for kites. When they came back those babyes dident work! Cory asked if there were any better wons,but the girls said those were the only wons.

Yesterday I played with Jaren in the snow. On saterday I turned 7. Now I 'm sad because I'm going home to Dallas,ps my mom's making me sader.

Just because it's the cutest thing ever, let me take you on a little mini-tour of their friendom.


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