Friday, September 4, 2009

I'm not homeless anymore!

Today I:

Won the 16mm projector threading race and made two projectionist dudes say "Wow."

Signed my lease.

Ate pizza (shock).

Accidentally stumbled upon the filming of Sex and the City on my walk to the library.

Watched half a game of street b-ball on 4th. (Token white guy could not jump.)

Then I made a Whole Foods run, found my laundry place and welcomed myself into my new digs.

That doesn't sound nearly as tiring as it actually was.

Now I'm sitting on the floor of my new empty living room, trying to pump myself up for The Big Lebowski at IFC tonight, eating Whole Foods take out, organizing my school stuffs and watching an Agnes Varda film (that I've seen many times) on my laptop. Did I mention that there is a Whole Foods and a Jamba Juice on my block? I belong here!

The gang gets here tomorrow with my scruffy furniture, scruffy kid and scruffy cat. I can't wait. I'm ready for these tiny rooms to be filled with kitty fluff, Brittanish things and the sound of Bradley's piano playing.

...And I'm ready to start painting stuff!

I also realize that I need to take some pictures. I promise I will, I'm just so busy all the time. I'll tell you what... I'll take a picture right now so you feel like you're right here with me!

Looking to my left I see...

Yikes. And just beyond that...Yay!

And me. Recieving inspiration.
I promised one and gave three! Bam! School hasn't even started yet and I'm already and overachiever.


  1. So, we are planning a trip to NYC, its more a matter of when then if. We are thinking next Thanksgiving. Will you be there? eh?