Saturday, September 19, 2009

making friends.

Yesterday we had a play date at Madison Square Park and stood in line for an hour to eat at the famous (and rightfully so) Shake Shack. Delicious! So now I know a cool mom named Hillary and her two dudes, one of which is B's age.

After that I met up with my friend Patrick from the Dallas Observer who is in town for a couple days. I showed him my super glamorous apartment (ha), my campus (including my eyebrow threading place and favorite vegan noms) and the beautiful Tisch School of the Arts. I tried to sneak him into the projection booth so I could show off, but everyone was at the Cinema Studies Department mixer, so I couldn't get the keys.

Once we parted ways, I joined said mixer, met some non-MIAP peeps and then the second year MIAPs took us first years out. It was good times and a rare night out for me.
The walk toward home through Washington Square Park with Ashley, Candance and Sam was just as fun. I really, really like my new friends.

One sketchy 1 a.m. subway ride home and I was back in my little place, continuing my The Office Season 5 marathon and eating a post-midnight sandwich. Not one bit of studying all day. I almost feel like a college student!

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