Thursday, September 24, 2009

not much.

I've been incredibly busy but it's mostly all stuff that's boring to blog about.

Let's see... I've seen James Franco a few times at Tisch. I'm sure he's a lovely gentleman but he always looks so cranky. I imagine it's part of trying to be left alone so he can focus on class, which is understandable.

B has a school dance tomorrow night for the parents to come and mingle. Should be interesting. I'm working on a casserole. For real. I'm such a mom!

IFC sells the CineMetal shirts which are awesome. In case you didn't know, I love IFC.

I found out I can get cheap movie ticket vouchers from my school. This changes everything.

I'm prepping for the AMIA conference and my mom's visit, which I'm super excited about. She's going to organize my life with the help of IKEA and Home Depot.

I'm thinking about taking B to see
Shrek the Musical but I don't know if I can sit through it.

Yep, I'm boring. More soon.


  1. FAR from boring. If you want boring, come to my home.

  2. You should talk to James Franco at some point. He strikes me as the type who is either really cool, or really stuck up. One of the extremes.