Tuesday, September 22, 2009

today was the longest day ever...

but I'm not complaining.
Who rules at film repair? Brittan rules at film repair.


  1. Janus- one of the coolest companies! I want to hear about your program sometime soon.

  2. Good for you! hope today is not too long xoxo

  3. Of course you rule. You are Brittian.
    Also, the other day, I read about some hott sexy celebrity (can't remember who now) going to film school at NYU. James Franco maybe? You should probably be his friend.
    Also, the caffeine bomb sounds glorious.
    And yes, BYU is Nazi Germany and they don't sell caffeine on campus. LAME SAUCE. But they do sell really good cookies-n-cream milk, so maybe I'll forgive them.

  4. Yup, I see James Franco quite a bit lately, actually. He's grumpy.