Friday, September 25, 2009

Toto, I've got a feeling we're not in Dallas anymore.

Tonight B's school had a potluck and dance and it was cuh-razy! I couldn't believe it. Every kid and their parents and probably a cousin or two were there. They had a dj spinning, an insane amount of food (the likes of which you only find in a city this rich in culture and ethnic backgrounds) and glow sticks! I mean, what more do you need, really?
(A video camera would have been nice. I was so sad that I forgot it but, in my defense, I had other things on my mind... like carrying a massive, burning hot casserole as we walked down the busy streets to get there.)

B played with friends...
jumped off the wall...
judged other kids' dancing...
and even danced himself! I never thought I would see the day. He did the macarena, the cha-cha slide, the YMCA, and something vaguely resembling the Yelle dance. I was super impressed.
My personal favorite moment was watching him do the entire Thriller dance. (Very hard to capture via iPhone but you can see two vital moments below.) Even more impressive because he wasn't the only kid there that knew it.

It was so cool to see little kids doing the meringue, teachers and parents dancing like fools and everyone having a blast. Eventually the sun went down and the glow sticks lit up. Music echoed down the block, everybody did the twist and I realized that there is no other city like this.


  1. Cute...but did you teach him the Stanky Legg and the Ricky Bobby?