Sunday, September 13, 2009

we heart ny

We're feeling pretty popular. Making friends left and right. I school. The people in my department are nerdy like me and into the same stuff I'm into. Four of us went to Best Buy the other day and without a word to each other all went straight upstairs and to the Criterions as soon as we walked in. How cool! I get really into my classes and participate a lot, which is something I've never done before. I really connect with the material so much that it doesn't even feel like work to me.

Speaking of work, my job is way rad. I am a projectionist and work in the archives. I can totally load a 16mm projector super fast and skillfully! I'm learning how to inspect, splice and repair film as well (significantly harder) and will be tested on it this week for certification. I hear it usually takes several tests before you're certified and I'm nowhere near ready right now, but once I get my certification I can work on repairing real films. Exciting!

Bradley's school is awesome and just dripping with amazing arts programs. This is one of the best schools I could have ever hoped for. The teachers and principal know all the kids personally and look at them as individuals rather than a "class." Their motto is "K & G" for kind and gentle and the teachers and administration seem to work extra hard to keep that up. I met another mom who has six kids, five of which go to B's school and she has only excellent things to say about it. B's stoked because her three older boys are into Star Wars. Score!

I really love the old school vibe of the city. There are some traditions upheld here that don't seem to exist most other places anymore. People don't tend to spend much time on their cell phones and daily activities require more effort here than other places. It makes me feel more involved in life and connected with people. There also seems to be an appreciation for history and days gone by, which something that I really identify with. My professors and the professionals in my field are passionate, brilliant and classy in a way that is refreshing to me after some of my experiences in the film industry. Sometimes when I hear the click of the film reel or walk out onto Broadway from the bright hallways of Tisch, I really feel like I'm in a movie.

Also, they have Snapple Apple here. Snapple Apple. I don't know if you realize how big an event this is in my life. I haven't had Snapple Apple since 2006 and here I can get the best vegan meal of my life and Snapple Apple. Praise Jesus.

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  1. Brittan,
    I kinda think I want YOUR job. Wanna switch? Are you in NYC? I know it probably says somewhere in your blog that you moved to NY from somewhere, but I have yet to find out all these little facts. I do know that you are studying film though. Where are you going to school? I'm nosey...g'head, say it. :) Thanks for your comments on my IQ didn't really go up...I've always been kind of a genious. lol. Happy Monday dearie! PS. I'm super glad you know your lines from Clueless.