Sunday, October 18, 2009

Conservation Class Field Trip to New York Historical Society

I wasn't looking forward to this Saturday's field trip because it meant missing B's school carnival (and we've talked about how awesome events are at his school) to spend six hours learning about conservation of random things, most of which are not film. Not to mention, this was the third field trip this week, and the second felt like such a big fat waste of time that I didn't even blog about it. However, I ended up gaining so much from the experience that I feel like it more than justified itself. The Senior Conservator had so much information for us that I walked away feeling more informed about the actualities of the profession.

The New York Historical Society is sometimes referred to as "the attic of New York." They house a huge variety of artifacts with an equally vast array of needs and risks. We learned so much from a conservation standpoint that I wont bore you with, and got to see actual damage caused by a nitrate fire. They only had 5 reels of nitrate film in the entire building, and it was housed among row after row of valuable paper works. Problem: nitrate explodes. It's also a self-contained fire that (in this case) took 500 gallons of water to put out. You can imagine.
We also saw the original Audubon bird paintings, lunched at Shake Shack (omg pumpkin ice cream) and played in Central Park (so beautiful in the fall *swoon*).
When I went to pick B up (who had gone to the carnival with our sweet friends that I've mentioned before) he was dressed as Batman, complete with muscle suit, and had a "Harry Potter scar" on his forehead. I didn't need to ask if he had a great time. This has been a really big weekend for him. I have video coming soon that will further elaborate this point.


  1. Speaking of... Jimmy and I saw B on the street yesterday. We didn't say hi or anything, afraid we might freak him (or his friends family) out. The boys were all soooo freaking cute in their costumes. :)

  2. sigh...I love the pictures of the old books. Old books are my fav.

    Shake shack has veggie options? Cool!