Tuesday, October 27, 2009


Epic weekend of weekends.

Full of flu recovery... surprise visits... and train rides...
Veggie Heaven's unbelievably amazing crispy tofu and brown rice (seriously still dreaming about it)... Cheese-tastic double date bowling in Jersey with His Sneveness and Kati... and DJ Mike who clearly loves the Yankees.
More train rides... Love Park in Philly where Taso shared with us every detail of the park's legendary skateboarding history, and where we got to see 50 skateboarders clear out in seconds flat when a bike cop rolled up. Awesome. For more on the history of Love, please watch this.Autumn is the perfect time to be in Philly and there was really no better person to be there with.
Then I got to experience the joy that is the vegan Philly cheese steak. Omg. Just... I can't... there are no words.
Sneve is my new vegan friend. We had lots of fun getting to know each other, and the hot dog man was awesome to let us have our fun. He even ate vegan chicken one night! (And then hot dogs and Slurpees, of course.)Before starting the trek back to NYC we went record shopping at a sweet and fairly inexpensive record store, hurray! Guess what I bought....

I haven't opened it yet because I still haven't seen the movie (for shame!) but I am mega excited about it. This is only a little preview of my awesome weekend but the rest is secret, just for me to sit and smile about.

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