Saturday, October 31, 2009

Sushi Date

It had been a long day and the library was closed.
We were walking around the neighborhood when B saw a sign for a sushi restaurant and decided he needed some.
I thought miso soup sounded like the perfect cure for a cold, wet, rainy, stupid day.
A veggie tempura/avocado roll (me) and avocado/tuna roll (him) helped as well.
"You're a good kid," I told him.
He just shrugged, smiled and sipped his Fanta.
How I love this boy.

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  1. have i mentioned how much i love sushi? i haven't taken Carter yet because i don't think his year old self will eat it yet, but when Elliott and I go we get california rolls, Taki rolls (the name of the place) and the D Rock Special which is salmon but it has a fried outside to it. SO GOOD.