Friday, October 2, 2009

thoughts between tacos.

We've been doing super mature masters degree stuff in my classes, as you can see below.

Today I had an awkward interaction with Haley Joel Osment while waiting for the elevator at Tisch. The fact that in my head he's still 10 and creepy made the whole situation even more weird than it already was.
My mom is here right now and there is much redecorating and cooking happening. (Shopping at Whole Foods is so much more fun with my mom!) I am so happy about how my apartment is coming along. I'll post pictures when it's all pretty.

I just found out today that Jesse Richmond is coming to visit me in December, which is exciting. I miss his dumb face so much! Lots more going on/coming up. For now I've got a mom who hasn't seen Strictly Ballroom in years. It is without question my responsibility to remedy that situation as soon as possible.

More soon.


  1. Baha. I wish I could have been there for that. Is he cute now? Or still a little creepy looking?

    Also, I can't wait for photooossssss!!!!


  2. jealous of your nyc famous people run ins. i met tom and roseanne once. lol.