Sunday, November 15, 2009

Fantastic Mr. Fox

Probably the best thing about living in New York is that we get all the limited releases of awesome movies. While you non-NYCers will have to wait till Thanksgiving, we got to trek across Manhattan and forge a 2 hour wait to get into a screening of Wes Anderson's crazy sold out Fantastic Mr. Fox! So worth it for the presentation and quality of the print alone. For Taso's sake I'm not talking about the movie at all, except for encouraging all of you to see it. Take the kids, the s/o, the first date, your mom... anyone can and should see this, and should enjoy it on a number of levels.

Personally, we brought the two members of our household that we thought would most appreciate it, Foxers and Snowy, the arctic fox.


  1. My bf totally wants to see this. We saw the previews when we went to see Zombieland. :)

  2. Good Morning from a very wet London,my wife and I about a month ago attended the recording of the BBC programme "The Culture Show" which had the film critic Mark Kermode reviewing the recent London Film Festival. His take on Fantasic Mr Fox was that it was a very clever film but more for adults, than a film for children. I don't know what your comment on that would be.
    I've been reading your blog for about a month or so and enjoy reading it.