Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Poor Nonnies :(

Splinter has an infection and has been all kinds of violated this week. She's had two vet appointments at which her hind quarters were shaved and poked at, got two shots and now has to walk around with this monstrosity on her head so that she can't lick herself.
She's also in a lot of pain.
BUT she has been so, so good through all of this. She's enduring it with patience and being a sweetheart, even to her evil veterinarian. I have the best kitty ever, I just hope she's better soon!


  1. I just love the 'Sears Portrait Studio' pic of Nonnies in the 'Cone of Shame'. Give her snuggles for me!

  2. Lol Sears Portrait Studio. That's too funny! (Splinter hurt is NOT funny.)