Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Hi from Texas!

Super quick update...
Well, I can't say it's the most fun I've ever had flying, what with B bringing his skateboard as carry on (imagine worst possible scenario) and Splinter trying to eat her way out of her carrier (see above), but here were are...back in North Texas.

It's interesting how much more you appreciate the place you're from and the people you love once you've been gone a little while. Finals and finances have had me not very jolly this season, but it suddenly feels like Christmas time and I am full of happy.

I got my hair done last night (for the first time in almost a year, yikes!) at Matthew Tully and feel about 10billionx more attractive.
I'm sure there will be pictures taken of me at some point so you can see, but right now I have it pulled up because I am in full-on work mode! I have 1.25 papers to finish this week so that I can be DONE with this semester, watch Taso graduate from UNT and spend time with all my favorite people.


  1. Um, we should ovbs hang out whilst you are home.
    Also, rockstar for coming home so early. My friend said she has 2 finals the day before Christmas-eve!

    Also, bad news, your friend is getting married at prime spring-break time and buddy passes would get you all of nowhere if you try to fly here. :-(

  2. I wish I could see you this Christmas Britt! But I will not be home, non-the-less my parents would love to see you and the Brad.. as would Matt and Courtney Im sure. It's just not Christmas if you don't stop by.