Thursday, December 24, 2009

Home for the Holidays

Sometimes it feels more like trapped at home for the holidays, but I'm trying to make the most of the fact that I have no form of transportation at my disposal. Also, thanking my lucky stars that I live so close to Taso so at least I have some company. B and I hung out at my mom's super festive house over the weekend and decorated cookies. (I was the undisputed best cookie decorator.) We also watched Star Trek, my mom's favorite movie of the century, but had to take the surround sound off because it was just a liiiiittle too much for the B.
Monday, bff Gregg picked me up on the way home from work and took me out for Indian noms. It was just like it's been for the last seven years of our relationship. We quoted movies and sketch comedy and laughed at how clever we are, talked about what fatties we are, ate like the fatties we are, talked about how awesome we are and how we dance better than everyone else. He called me stupid so I squirted a lemon in his eye. Good times. We went back to his apartment, with this killer view of Dallas, and laughed some more/watched Red Cliff, the most expensive Chinese film ever made. Funny, it was only showing at one theatre in New York and we watched it on On-Demand. I'm not allowed to comment on it as a certain Greek hasn't seen it so all I will say is...$$$$.
Tuesday B and I wrapped presents, ate our cookies, drank exceptionally delicious hot chocolate out of mugs that look like toilets and watched terrible ABC Family Christmas movies. (Neil Patrick Harris, Naomi Watts and Debbie Reynolds in The Christmas Wish, anyone?) I successfully wrapped all of my (lame because I'm poor) presents! Splinter helped.
That night I went to the skatepark and took some video of Taso and other dudes, which I'll edit and get up here one of these days. It really felt like home. Wednesday, life long friend Wendy and I saw The Princess and the Frog. The music was great and I loved the story, but the projection/quality of the print was so unacceptably terrible that I kind of went projectionist diva on everyone and threw and big fit. I'm sorry, but when a print in so beat up that you can barely see the animation, the picture is out of focus, you can see splices (on a Disney print?? are run-of-the-mill projectionists even allowed to splice??), the house lights aren't all the way down and the sound cuts out three times... It's not okay. I don't care if you're not a big theatre, people pay money to see movies. Grr. So I got a couple free movie tickets that I'll probably give to Wendy because I don't ever plan on going back to that theatre. I am really excited to get this movie on Blu-ray and bribe B to watch it with me. Oh, also! I'm sure this movie is going to be terrible, but doesn't Date Night have a fantastic poster?
Yesterday I got new glasses and my chronically dry eyes are rejoicing! I hate narrow frames with a passion so I was so excited when I found/fell in love with these vintage frames. Make all the grandma jokes you want (Taso) I love them! My family did something awesome and took me to my favorite restaurant in the whole wide world last night. We've been going to Kobe since I was little and what I love more than anything is that it hasn't changed. (Although they did take the little pond out of the lounge which kind of bummed me out.) We got the room where you take off your shoes and sit on the floor Japanese-style and my inner 5-year-old Brittan came out, ordered herself a Shirley Temple, tied the cherry stem with her tongue and did her best to annoy everyone at the table.
Okay, so it has been pretty eventful around here and I'm just being whiney because I hate having to ask for rides and not being able to see everyone (I'm so sorry Patrick and Kerie... Justin, we're in a fight). I really am enjoying the family and doing my best to get into the spirit. I hear we may even have a white Christmas! It hasn't happened in all my 24 years, but it's a nice thought. Especially since I left NYC right before the snow began to fall (and fall and fall and fall).

I hope everyone is having a happy holiday with the people they love.

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