Monday, December 28, 2009


Me: When I was a kid I rode my bike to my friends houses and--
B: Those were the old days, mom.
[Followed by hysterical laughter from Gregg who is older than me, thank you very much.]

B's new friend across the street: Do you like Star Wars?
B: [long pause] I wouldn't be Bradley without Star Wars.

B's new friend across the street: We're best friends right?
B: Um... I just met you.

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  1. omg i love these! here's one for you:

    me: sitting on the toilet in the Borders bookstore after Carter goes to the bathroom.

    Carter: mom, you have a big butt.

    me: thanks.


    me...pulling up my jeans....

    Carter: mom, you can't pull up your pants because your butt's too big.

    me: great. thanks.

    hope you had a lovely holiday!