Monday, December 21, 2009

Picture-less update.

Over the last couple days...

I turned in an absolutely pathetic copyright paper. For all the contributing in class that I did, it seems I learned nothing beyond buzz words like "public domain," "fair use" and "infringement."

Taso graduated. (Pics if he ever sends them to me.)

Brittany Murphy died. Kevin Smith had the most touching tribute via twitter:
"G'night, Ms. Murphy. Hope you're rollin' with the homies someplace nice."

I hung out at my mom's house and her husband not only spoke to me but me. I feel a little weird. 2012?

I have been really bored because I don't have a car anymore.

I had an email war with one of my professors. I fought the good fight but, sadly, had no choice but to wave the white flag of defeat.

B had the super intense experience of watching Star Trek.

I have missed New York so. much.


  1. let's go sledding. i'll steal trays from mcdonalds. it'll be awesome, promise.

  2. Which professor was it? I'll take care of them.

    You missed the 11 inches of snow. It was so deep. Like Milton.

  3. I'm sorry too read about your last few days. Life is like that sometimes.Last week we had to travel up to north Wales for a funeral, then on Friday,our oldest son lost his wallet and nearly got stuck up in York (250 miles away), a woman crashed into the back of my car and our 15 year old son broke his arm on the ice. He needed an operation and we spend all weekend in the hospital.Still what can you do.