Sunday, January 3, 2010

Cinemawesomeness 101: My Top 10 of 2009

I'm not even going to pretend like I have any authority to tell you what the best films of 2009 were, but I can definitely share with you my favorites. Isn't that what Cinemawesomeness is for anyway? Sure... So, here we go. My Top 10 of 2009!

10. Up in the Air (Reitman)
9. Bronson (Refn)
8. Tetro (Coppola)
7. The Limits of Control (Jarmusch)
6. Star Trek (Abrams)
5. Funny People (Apatow)
4. Up (Docter, Peterson - Pixar)
3. Where the Wild Things Are (Jonze)
2. Fantastic Mr. Fox (Anderson)
1. Inglourious Basterds (Tarantino)
I really wanted to include Goodbye Solo (it was released in the U.S. in 2009) but it made it's Toronto debut in '08 so I can't. It's on DVD now so add it to your Netflix. It's truly a beautiful film, one of the very best I've seen this year. Visioneers is also a 2008 film that was just released on DVD. It's a weird Zach Galifinakis movie, but I recommend it as well.

I'm kind of bummed by the lack of foreign films on my list, but what's a poor girl who can't go to festivals supposed to do? I see what I can as time, money and distribution allow but I'll never catch up.

Some films I wanted to see but never got the chance to are Precious, Away We Go, A Single Man and White Ribbon, and I wasn't brave enough to see Antichrist or The Cove but I'm sure they lived up to the hype.

Yup, there you go. I'm a regular Roger Ebert with my little list, eh? Speaking of, if you'd like to see real top 10 lists, Mr. Ebert's are about as good as they get.


  1. Hey, quite nice list. I'm happy not to see avatar because it is'n even a little what the publicity was saying. But i'm just writting to recomend you Antichrist, because there is nothing so scary or creepy to not see it and miss this masterpiece. It will completely blow your mind i can promise you that :) Trier again showed how big of a master he is...

  2. how does 500 days of summer not make this list?

  3. preglos, i'm not a fan of the 3D craze that's resurfacing. i think it's not much more than it was in the 50s. i like great writing and filmmaking as a craft. i want to see how much blood, sweat and tears went into it, not how much money. cgi, 3D and computer generated effects are too often used to cover up mediocre storytelling. i can't help but see avatar as a part of that. as for antichrist, maybe i'll break down and do it, i just need to set aside a week to let my mind recover from von trier's blowing.

    missy, i'm sorry, i really hated 500 days of summer. can we still be friends? :)

  4. I have to say, I was very disappointed with Up. Previous Pixar films have layers so that all ages can enjoy them, there's humor for adults that kids don't pick up on. I didn't see any of that in Up, it's just a straight forward childrens animated movie. I'll take Toy Story, Monsters Inc., and The Incredibles any day.

  5. yes, except you raved about it forever and told me how much you loved it. oh well. i love it.

  6. lisa, i think i may have put it a little too far down on my list now that i'm looking back over it but i did love it. i agree that the third act drifted a little too far to the kid movie side, but the first 15 mins alone secured it on my list.

    missy, ??? just ask the greek, i never liked it. maybe i thought you would like it and said you should see it, but i definitely never said i loved it. the dance sequence was hella cute, i'll give it that.

  7. I wanna see Tetro so bad! It looks real good. real good.

    I bet any people were hoping nine would make it on the list! regardless, I actually didnt mind nine at all. Despite being just lots of music videos and what not.. I was entertained. Ithink thats what it boils down to.. I wasnt expecting amazing, so I was entertained

  8. yeah, i was entertained by the musical numbers in nine, particularly "be italian" (fergie - wow! who knew?) and "take it all" but i was so bored in between them.

    tetro is great. i met one of the stars, alden ehrenreich, at school (we both go to nyu) and was downright giddy.

  9. It's a good point you make about the oppertunity to see mainly foreign films. I read quite a few film blogs and always come away feeling a little depressed because I will never get to see half the films they recommend.

  10. I really need to see Where the Wild Things Are, it looks amazing. But I totally agree about Inglorious and Star Trek - brilliant!

    (And as far as foreign films go, watch online? It's not the best quality, but you'd be surprised just how many you can find.)