Wednesday, January 27, 2010

I have a problem and it begins and ends with Nathan Fillion.

Well, maybe not. My mom is a sci-fi loving conspiracy theorist, so I really had no chance. She introduced me to Star Wars, Star Trek and Star Trek the Next Generation (love) when I was just a wee fangirl. Over the years there was Buffy, Harry Potter (never Twilight, not in a million years, I have standards) and more recently Firefly. Then there was Dr. Horrible. Lacy, gently wafting Dr. Horrible. THEN there was the Dr. Horrible DVD with special features which include a musical commentary. Someone else please tell me how much you love this and that I am perfectly normal for having it run on a loop in my head for the past two weeks.
This is all Nathan Fillion's fault. Why must he be so dashing and even more hilarious? Last night I made Sam L. and Sam O., Ashley and Candace come over after class to watch "Commentary! The Musical!" and have an actual sing along with me. I. Can't. Stop. I just want to meet Joss Whedon and charm him so that I can penetrate his inner circle (heh), thus becoming BFFs with the Fillion, NPH and Felicia Day and the rest. Geek!

Okay, so, really... anyone else love Dr. Horrible? What about Captain Hammer/Malcolm Reynolds/Richard Castle?


  1. You are perfectly, totally normal! Dr. Horrible is AWESOME!!! Honestly, anything Nathan is in is wonderful, basically, because he is wonderful!

    However, if you need to get all the music from Dr. Horrible to stop looping in your brain, might I suggest popping in Buffy The Musical? True you'll then have those songs on loop but, hey, it's good to change the loop up every once in a while...


    he is the only man i would ever fight you for.


  3. LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!! Love Captain Hammer (though I'm more of a Horrible fan girl)/ Love Mal / Love Castle! Did you see the beginnging of the Castle halloween episode where they dressed him up as Mal? Perfect!