Monday, January 25, 2010

More Kurosawa + mini updates

I saw another steamy Kurosawa noir film at Film Forum last week. I liked High and Low even more than Stray Dog and am really starting to appreciate Kurosawa for his detective films.
I've also been watching the Olympic qualifiers, skiing, snowboarding and figure skating. Conclusions: U.S. lady skiers and U.S. dude snowboarders are going to be so fun to watch and probably win every medal. Sasha Cohen didn't make the team so I could care less about figure skating. Maybe I have a girl crush on her. Johnny Weir skated to Lady's that. I am excited for the Olympics!

School is fine. I love, love, love my Television History and Culture class, which is weird because I'm not even that into television. It's a Cinema Studies course and is kind of almost making me wish I was a Cinema Studies student. The professor is awesome! Sigh. My MIAP classes are going well. I'm working on Bob Stein's collection for my Collection Management class. That means nothing to you, I know, but it's exciting for me because he was responsible for starting Criterion! He's not affiliated with them anymore but I can't wait to explore his collection, which I'm sure is full of all kinds of treasures.

That's all I've got right now. I'm internet-less until my student loans come in so that's what's up with the lame posting.


  1. Man, all these Kurosawa Noir has got my creative juices flowing. I got idea to make "The Wire" like series based on all the kurosawa noir films. Namenly, "High and Low," "Stray Dogs," "Ikiru," "The Bad Sleep Well," & "Drunken Angel." I am thinking of calling it "Cistern"

  2. Yanks to win everything!? I don't think so

  3. This is another bit of Winter Olympic fun except a bloody Australian wins which is even worse than seeing an American win!

  4. And of course you are up against the British!

  5. Hey, check out the ladies' leaderboard:

    and then there's this:

    and this:

    I think we can take first this year! :)

  6. I talk to him every day. Things are about the same. Not much to update on but he is happy and content. And I am still empty without him.

  7. Time will tell, Brittan.
    Don't you think international sport is strange, one can say the most outragous things about other countries, that you would never get away with in any other field of activity?

  8. And also things that you wouldn't ever want to say for any other reason. I think competition brings out a person's true nature. I was just being competitive before, but I actually don't always root for my country at the Olympics. Usually I pick a favorite to follow in each sport and it has more to do with their story or style than where they're from. Still, the bragging rights are nice. :)