Saturday, January 9, 2010

A Single Man

This I would actually change my Top 5 for. Yes, 5. It's becoming clear to me that I should have waited until I had seen everything on my list before I made a Top 10. (As a side note, Taso told me I could probably legitimately include The Beaches of Agnès as a 2009 film, which also drastically changes things.)

A Single Man is one of three incredibly personal experiences I had in a theatre this year. That rarely happens once a year, so 2009 has officially topped 2007 as my favorite year of film. The other two were Beaches, where I saw Agnès Varda as everything I've ever wanted to be, and Where the Wild Things Are, where I felt like I was watching my own little boy roughhousing with monsters. A Single Man was different in that everything I felt while watching it was specific to what I went through this year. It's a beautiful, poignant, extremely well made film. It would have had made an impact either way. I don't think anyone could see it without feeling something. But every word of the opening monologue stung as though I'd written it myself. Maybe that's not the nicest way to recommend a film... Let me try again.

The writing is superb, the camera is patient, the story is heartbreaking yet satisfying, Colin Firth should without question win the Oscar. Hands down. It was nice to watch this just into 2010 and at the very end of a fulfilling visit home. I am in a good place and was able to appreciate all of the beauty and happiness that seeps through the sadness of the story.

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  1. awesome. cant wait to see it. im glad you speak highly of it.
    I just saw 'An Education' a week or so ago..also a very good movie. Recommend