Thursday, January 14, 2010

Stray Dog and stuff

I went with friends Ben and Alice to see Stray Dog, part of the Kurosawa Centennial at Film Forum. The house was packed (awesome) and the film was so good. It's about a cop who loses his gun and becomes obsessed with finding it before it's used to hurt someone. Sometimes it's hard not to laugh at the intensity of the acting but then there's a shot that so thick and complicated and things get serious real quick. Man, I should totally be a film critic.

I've been keeping busy. There's been work, art gallery receptions, dim sum, Brooklyn apartment hunting (no luck), Park Slope Ale House (love) and other such running around the city. But it's hard to enjoy it. Nothing has the same excitement and life that it had before. I really miss him.

Oh, I fixed the comment box and took off word verification so it's easier to leave comments now. Back to work. Sigh.

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  1. You used a shot from my favorite scene in the film. Now I know you care! :)