Thursday, January 28, 2010

Super Savers!

Really, really cool article about my field. This is what I'm studying in school, and what I hope to one day join the ranks of. Film preservation goes beyond this to preserving television, news broadcasts, PSAs, home movies, experimental film and any moving image of a culture. Moving image gives us a visual history, the value of which is immeasurable. Recently a graduate of MIAP (the program I'm in at NYU) discovered the only complete version of Fritz Lang's Metropolis in Buenos Ares. Because of people like her and backing from the likes of Martin Scorsese, we are able to save more and more important works from complete deterioration.

Update: I also just recently found out that the original Toy Story files are now completely obsolete. There no longer exists the ability to play or edit the raw files. Format obsolescence is a big part of what we deal with. Even digital files can deteriorate. Pretty crazy, hmm?

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  1. Hey thanks for sharing, thats an interesting article. I had no idea Scorsese was doing that.
    And you are trying to get into that? amazing. I like this ALOT.

    and Im already a member of The Auteurs! sweet