Saturday, February 6, 2010

the adventures of Swinny's birthday

(I think this picture of the birthday girl is better without context.)

Yesterday began with a morning trip to the extremely rad Fales library for a film and video collection assessment with Swinny and Erik, and then a couch-mergency that sent me traveling all over New York to get to Ikea.

It could not possibly be more difficult to get there. I walked a billion miles, took three trains and a bus and THEN got off at the wrong stop and had to walk the rest of the way there in probably the sketchiest neighborhood I've ever seen. But I got there and was swept away into the magical world of Ikealand, where I ended up finding an even better couch than the one that was supposed to be delivered for half off! I also got a frame for my amazing Alamo Drafthouse Pretty in Pink poster and really cool LED Christmas lights which I hung up around the house for Swinny's birthday party. I also walked through the children's section and teared up a little but that's another story.

After nearly a full day, a shuttle ride, two more trains and some grocery shopping, I was back at the apartment with all the MIAP ladies for cake baking and couch building... or watching Candace couch build...
...and then relax with her celebratory beer.
Isn't it great?! (For a cheap Ikea couch belonging to a poor grad student with a tiny apartment.) Those pillows are really comfy and go well with my pretty gray rug. I wish I could get a better picture of this poster. (I need a camera...or Photoshop. I'm so tired of these iPhone photos.) You can buy these one-off Alamo Drafthouse posters here. You're welcome.
So the six of us baked Swinny a truly delicious chocolate cherry cake (she's 24 but #1 in our hearts. aw.) which was rapidly devoured by the constant flow of people through my apartment.
My little apartment got lots of compliments, and feels legit now that it's survived its first Manhattan party. Splinter was also quite the hit with the ladies. Everyone loved her, rubbed her belly, held her like a baby and told me that she is the queen of cats. It's true. She even gave birthday kisses.
Happy Birthday, Ashley! Hope you had a great time. Thanks for barefoot dancing with me all night and reminding me why we're friends.

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  1. I made it through the night without a picture taken of me. Goal number 2 accomplished. Fun party, the parts I remember.