Tuesday, February 2, 2010

An Education

How gorgeous is that shot?

I finally saw Lone Scherfig's An Education and, yes, it is lovely. (Especially for this girl whose heart already belongs to Paris, despite the fact that she's never been. Le sigh.) But even lovelier than the jazz clubs and greyhound tracks of 1960s Europe was the screenplay by Nick Hornby. I ate up every word and every character. There were moments where this could have easily gone a dark and sinister route, but in the end it was the mundaneness of reality that was most unsettling. Carey Mulligan was wonderfully dimpled and naive in the lead role but I found the supporting characters to be just as well-developed and have better dialogue, just the way it should be for a group of flawed adults surrounding an impressionable 16-year-old. Other writers could take a lesson or two from Mr. Hornby (cough Diablo Cody cough). I appreciated the honesty about bourgeois white people and women in the 60s, that made it from the memoir to the screenplay to the screen without rose colored glasses. Also, Paris. Sigh.

Update: I guest reviewed this on my friend Candace's blog. I'm not so great at reviews, so she was nice to let me!


  1. Im glad yo saw it! I also like it a lot. The characters were really great as as was the whole script in general.
    I also really like the colours. Everything was sort of muted and made for this very quant feeling and the bourgeoisie thing- fit it well.

  2. thanks for your comment - it's been a few months for me. and i certainly don't wear the mom badge. but i certainly DID do the not wanting to get out of bed spell. it's getting out of bed that does it - over and over again, just getting out of bed and living, and the heart follows, i guess.

    xo friend, my heart is thinking about you.